Agua de la Terra (Clearing)

Agua de la Terra (Clearing)

 These organic herbal water/bath was created with inspiration from my Columbian Yagé family.  The first time I sat in a sacred circle with my Taita, he used floral water that was.... the only way I describe it is "jungle perfume with a remembering in a bottle".  Everyone loved the way we smelled the next morning and we never wanted to wash our clothes because they smelled like the ceremonial water that we were bathed in when we received our healing from Taita Juanito in ceremony. True story! Its strong, deep, layered, grounding, clearing, sacred and takes a very long time to produce. As these sacred plants marinate in organic alcohol, they create unique and powerful technology that increases or decreases and cleanses the energy in the subtle levels of your body.  You can use this on your skin during ceremonies or after a bath or shower and allow it to dry.  You will love the aroma!  We can hardly keep them in stock but don't worry.....we are creating ore all the time!

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