Bracelets (Large)

Bracelets (Large)

Beautiful necklaces and bracelets completely handmade by indigenous Embera Tribe  in Columbia.  The Embera Tribe are know for their unique beading skills and knowledge which is passed from generations to generations.  The Embera paint a picture with miniature glass-beads that reflect their ancestral dreams connected to Earth.  Their beadwork pieces contain unique symbolisms about their natural environment and spiritual connections.  These traditional pieces provide protection and tell a story.  The pieces are traditionally handcrafted by the women who spend hours on each one and who have consciously preserved their unique forms of art making.


While placing your order with us today we kindly ask you to please be in your heart when establishing your donation amount. The “suggested donation” amount is placed as a reference to be conscious of all cost involved for purchasing, shipping, and packaging to send and receive all these spiritual tools and medicines from around the world. The abundance received is shared with the indigenous tribes to support their families as well as supporting the Universe of Graces mission of creating the New Earth. Remembering the law of tenfold return, you will receive more abundance in all areas of your life. Together, if we have faith that we are supported, we can clear all poverty consciousness and exit the financial slavery system. We love you and thank you for all your support.

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